New Inventory

Invivo Expression MRI Patient Monitor/Stand/ECG Interface
Olympus OER-Pro Endoscope Reprocessor (DOM: 2017)
OrthoScan 1000-0004 Mini C-Arm (DOM: 2011)
Philips V60 Ventilator Qty:3
Steris Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table

Beds/Stretchers/Exam Chairs

Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair


Accuvein AV 400 Vein Scanner Qty:3
Accuvein AV 500 Vein Scanner w/Charger
Christie VeinViewer Vision
Olympus BF1T160 Endoscope (Untested)
Olympus MAF type GM endoscope for Intubation/Airway Management
Olympus MAJ-1720 Ultrasound Probe Driving Unit Qty:1
Olympus MAJ-1919 Remote Cable
Olympus OEP-5 Printers Qty:7
Philips C8-3 Ultrasound Transducer
Philips PureWave C5-1 Ultrasound Transducer
SIUI Model: C3L60G Mhz 3.5 Ultrasound Probe
SIUI Model:C6I15G 6.0Mhz Ultrasound Probe
SIUI Model:L7L38G 7.5Mhz Ultrasound Probe
Storz Hamou Endomat SCB 26331020 Suction/Irrigation System Qty:2
Sunoptic Model XLS-300 Xenon Light Source w/Headlight


ACL Top 700 CTS Coagulation System QTY:2
Drucker Dash Apex6 STAT Centrifuge
Fluke / Biotek IDA 4 Plus Qty:2
Gambro Trima Acell Automated Blood Collection System Qty:2
GenesisCS Horizon 755 ves Component Concentrating System
Sartorius CP64 Analytical Balance

Patient Monitors

ACIST RXT System Console
GE ASSYCAM 14V2 Acquisition Module Qty:3
Medtronic CapnoStream PM35MN Monitor
Philips IntelliVue G5-M1019A CO2/Anesth Gas Monitor Qty:2
Philips Intellivue MX40 Transmitter Qty:4 (Parts Units)
Philips M1019A G5 Gas Modules Qty:22
Philips Module M3001A Opt A01C06 MMS Module Qty:8
Philips Module M3001AL #A05C06 Qty:30
Philips Module M3015A #C06 CO2 module (2018)
Philips Module M3012A C05 CO Modules Qty:5
Philips PageWriter Trim III ECG
Sensible Medical ReDS Pro System Fluid Monitor Qty:2
Somanetics 5100C Cerebral Monitors Qty:11
Somanetics 5100C Preamp Qty:11
Welch Allyn 767 Series Wall Mount Transformer w/Scopes
Welch Allyn ProBP 3400 Digital BP Monitor Qty:5
Zoll OneStep 3Lead ECG Cables Qty:15


Alaris 8300 EtCO2 Modules (DOM:2014/15) Qty: 6
Alaris IV Pumps 8110 Qty:1
Arjo Huntleigh Maxi Air Air Pump Qty:2
Baxter Sigma Spectrum Pumps Qty:2
Smiths 3500 Syringe Pump
Stryker SmartPump Dual Channel Tourniquet 5920-001-000 Qty:3


Boston Scientific Swiss Lithoclast Lithotripter
BuffaloFilter Porta PlumeSafe 604 Surgical Smoke Evacuator-New
ConMed Beamer CE200ESU Generator
ConMed System 5000 ESU w/Bipolar Footswitch
ConMed System 5000 w/Mono and Bipolar Footswitches
Copper Surgical LEEP System 1000 ESU w/Smoke Evac system/Stand/Footswitch
Hologic My Sure Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal Control Unit Ref: 10-550
OSI Mizuho Cervical Attachment 5979-1
St Jude Medical 2015 EnSite Velocity Amplifier EE3000
Stille Model: IMAGIQ 2 C-arm Operating Table (Powers-up but no Hand Control)
Storz 11301 BN1 Intubation Scope
Storz 8402ZX Laryngoscope Monitor w/Power Supply Qty:2
Storz C-MAC Monitor 8403ZX
TIDI Zero Gravity Radiation Protection Arm and Body Shield
Zimmer Electric Dermatome Power Supply 8821-06

Special Projects / Other

Misonix SonaStar Ultrasonic Aspirator XS-E
Welch Allyn 48830 Lite Box/Stand/Light
UNETIX Revo Model:12950 Peripheral Vascular System